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From our warehouses in Wehl, Doetinchem and ‘s-Heerenberg in the ‘Achterhoek’ (in Eastern Netherlands) every part of Scandinavia can be reached. Every shipment can be delivered or picked up by Rabelink Logistics within 96 hours all over Denmark, Finland, Norway, and Sweden. Transportation to and from Iceland can be taken care of via air cargo and / or sea freight.

Rabelink is part of the CTL network as well, which means that every shipment can be delivered or picked up within 48 to 72 hours in every part of Denmark, and that our planners can consider what is the best way to transport your goods for every shipment; whether it’s a single package or a full truck load. Thanks to Track & Trace, in the meantime you can remain aware of where your shipment is at any moment.


Distribution from package to full truck load:
less than truck load (LTL)
full truck load (FTL)

Express shipments are possible. Regular transfer time: 48 to 96 hours

Window delivery by appointment (including delivery in city centers and other shopping areas)

Just-in-time (JIT) delivery by appointment (after office hours, in the evening, as well)

Notification of deliveries at the recipient in advance / deliver appointment


Groupage: within 48 to 96 hours

Less than truck load (LTL): within 48 to 96 hours

Full truck load (FTL): within 48 to 96 hours

Departure groupage: every week

Departure LTL: every week

Departure FTL: every week

Time delivery on request

Notify day A until 16:00 – collection day B – delivery day C


Language: Danish
Capital: Copenhagen
Currency: Danish krone
Area: 43.094 km²
Population: 5.6 million


Language: Finnish, Swedish
Capital: Helsinki
Currency: Euro
Area: 336.851 km²
Population: 5.3 million


Language: Icelandic
Capital: Reykjavík
Currency: Icelandic króna
Area: 103.000 km²
Population: 315.000


Language: Norwegian
Capital: Oslo
Currency: Norwegian krone
Area: 323.787 km²
Population: 5.1 million


Language: Swedish
Capital: Stockholm
Currency: Swedish krona
Area: 450.295 km²
Population: 9.1 million

Thanks to our reliable network, we are able to offer high quality services. Are you curious about what we can do for your transport to and from Scandinavia, or do you have any other questions? Please contact us or ask for a price offer.