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Rabelink Logistics is always searching for the most efficient solution for its customers. Therefore, we look at all possibilities. In the area of ocean freight, this is done primarily by shipping containers by using short sea shipping and deep sea shipping. Other possibilities are inland navigation and transportation to and from the ports. Worldwide, we offer the opportunity of door-to-door deliveries.

Below, these options are explained briefly.

Short sea

Shipping containers via short sea shipping is always done using 40 feet, pallet wide containers. The volume shipped by Rabelink via short sea annually:

3000 TEU

Deep sea

Shipping containers to other continents, every container size can be used. The volumes shipped by Rabelink by continent annually:

North America:1620 TEU
South America:5860 TEU
Asia:5820 TEU
Africa:500   TEU
Australia:100   TEU

Inland navigation

Besides the regular road transport, it’s also possible to transport your goods through the European waterways. The number of TEUs being shipped by Rabelink through inland navigation annually:

3000 TEU