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Rabelink Logistics has the status of Authorized Economic Operator (AEO). This certificate offers various advantages in international trade; for Rabelink and, thus, also for our customers. For example, the customs authority provides various facilities for physical customs controls to companies with an AEO status. Rabelink possesses the combined certificate Customs Simplification and Security, which means that we meet all the requirements.

This is an advantage, since it enables Rabelink to handle all your customs activities, to act quickly, carefully and without any problems. This applies to all traffic outside the European Union: air and sea freight to other continents, as well as road transport to Switzerland and Norway, for example. Worldwide, we offer the opportunity of door-to-door deliveries. In addition, all other Incoterms are possible and Rabelink also provides customs and B/L activities (bill of lading).

The benefits:AEO Certificaat

  • fewer physical and document checks;
  • priority control as Rabelink control is selected;
  • if requested, an inspection can take place at an indicated location;
  • no check of previously checked criteria, at a later permit request;
  • notice in advance of customs controls;
  • less information needs to be provided in the summary declaration;
  • recognition of AEO safety certification by other countries (outside of the EU).