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Rabelink Logistics considers a healthy environment and a clean environment as extremely important. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is part of our policy. This means doing business in a sustainable way, according to the so-called ‘triple P approach’: paying attention to both economic performance (profit) and the social side (people) within ecological constraints (planet). We endorse the principles of the ETI Base Code.

In the area of sustainable employee management, our drivers receive regular training to guarantee road safety and fuel saving, and gas measurements are performed when there are containers coming in. Rabelink also shows itself in society: we educate children, by informing them in schools and making them aware of road safety and the ‘blind spot mirror’ (article in Dutch).

Lean and greenAchieving the Lean and Green Award is a nice example of our efforts to improve the environment. Rabelink got this award by actively trying to reduce CO2 emissions. The Lean and Green program (an incentive for companies and government, implemented by Connekt, that stimulates organizations to grow to a higher level of sustainability) encourages companies to take measures that will not only bring cost savings, but also result in less environmental impact and keeps track of whether the intended CO2 reduction is achieved. “With Lean and Green, organizations show that they actively endeavor to make their mobility process more sustainable. And that’s something to be proud of.”

To do business in a socially responsible manner and to minimize CO2 emissions, Rabelink uses:

Green power

Electricity generated from sustainable energy sources, in order to reduce CO2 emissions

Solar panels

Rabelink has solar panels and uses sustainable energy

ADAP-KOOL systems

The efficiency of our refrigerated warehouses is optimal, due to the cooling system of Danfoss ADAP-KOOL; that reduces carbon emissions, and thereby minimizes the negative impact on the environment

EEV engines

Rabelink has Enhanced Environmentally friendly Vehicles (EEV, the formal term used by the European Union to indicate clean vehicles)

Euro 5- en 6-engines

The trucks of Rabelink drive with the latest (and therefore least environmentally harmful) generations of engines

Double and triple stock-trailers

By optimally exploiting the loading space, less mileage is necessary and therefore less fuel is used

Different networks

Making use of partners, which results in a higher degree of loading of our trailers, leads to less kilometers that have to be traveled

Eco-driving training

Our truckers drive as efficient as possible and thanks to courses, they stay up to date with the latest developments

Gas measurements

To prevent the release of substances harmful to humans and the environment, gas measurements are done extensively on incoming containers

Waste sorting

Waste is separated into different segments, so it is suitable for re-use or recycling