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Transport management system (TMS)

In the transportation management system (TMS), the following information is recorded: sender, receiver, freight payer, loading / unloading date, delivery conditions, customer-specific price lists, property data and possible other details. The steps that are followed:

  • Notification of transport orders through Web Order Entry, EDI or fax;
  • Registration of transport orders;
  • Import of transport orders in automatic planning system;ICT Logistiek
  • Trip planning and allocation of the right equipment;
  • Completion of trip planning, including particularities;
  • Automatic invoicing of contracts;
  • Final check and closing of trip record.

In the TMS and the warehouse management system (WMS), it is possible to trace the flow of goods, from the moment of the customer’s notification to the moment of delivery. The traceability of shipments is done in the following way:

  • Total flow of goods is defined in the TMS and WMS;
  • Board computers provide current status information about shipments that are being transported;
  • Barcode scanning provides current information about the status of an order in the warehouse;
  • The history of the flow of goods remains in the system.